The Aronine Story in English, if you please !

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The Aronine Story in English, if you please !

Les petits ruisseaux font les grandes rivières : la revue de presse d'Aronine s'est enrichie d'un article en anglais cette semaine sur un blog dédié à l'entrepreneuriat. En voici quelques petits extraits dans la langue de Shakespeare.

Internet is the future of jewelry

“The containment has increased people’s interest. Customers with a deadline constraint have direct access to an online jewelry workshop ”, notes Svetlana de Voronine.

On the Internet, in addition to personalized wedding rings, the two artisans present several original collections, ranging from rings to earrings. “In the future, we will make bespoke jewelry, high-end pieces in addition to what we currently offer. “

[Note by Aronine : in the meantime, after this paper went to press, we have launched the first French online gemstore with bespoke high-end online jewel creation : please visit our store at ]

Svetlana de Voronine and Richard Larget also hope expand their clientele beyond the Lyon Metropolis, first at the national level. “We already want to see at regional and national levels. Afterwards, we hope, in the short or medium term, to develop in neighboring countries such as Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany ”, explains Richard Larget.

For these young artisans, there is no doubt: their innovative positioning will pay off because “Internet is the future of jewelry”.

Aronine is a 3.0 (online) French jewel-maker making wonderful rings, earpieces and necklaces

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